Monday, August 18, 2008


Upload Photos to flickr in Real Time via WiFi

Yes, there really is Wi-Fi inside that tiny little card. We think it’s going to change the way people take, save and share photos.

All Eye-Fi Cards come with everything needed to make it simple to set up and connect to your home Wi-Fi network. After that, pop the card into your digital camera and start capturing memories. It stores pictures like a regular SD card no matter where you are, and uploads automatically as soon as you return to your wireless network. All you have to do is turn the camera on.

Here’s how Eye-Fi works: Camera owners set up their Eye-Fi account online and choose where they’d like to upload photos online and on their desktops. Photos can be sent to 17 photo-sharing and blogging sites, including iPhoto, Flickr, Shutterfly and TypePad. They then pop the Eye-Fi card into their camera’s memory card slot and snap away. A Wi-Fi chip (made by Santa Clara, Calif.-based Atheros) then communicates with their home network and automatically uploads photos to their computer and the Web.

One of the exciting new features of the Eye-Fi Explore Card is the ability to automatically geotag digital photos. Now anyone with a digital camera and Eye-Fi Explore Card will be able to take advantage of Wi-Fi location data supplied by Skyhook Wireless to add geotags to their photos.

This new feature adds a new dimension to organizing, sharing and viewing digital photos. Geotaging photos has never been easier!

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Kent Courtney said...

First they did away with film. Now, you don't even have to manually download the photos, because they upload automatically. Hmmm...