Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hot Air baloon Fiesta - " The Night Glow " - Photo Blog

IMG_9024 - Newswear Rig - Photo Blog

I'm often asked how I carry all the heavy camera gear that I often use to cover events. The answer depends. Sometimes all I carry is my Canon point and shoot and an iPhone and other times I carry: Nikon D700; 24-70 f2.8; 70-200 VRII; TC-20E II teleconverter; 50mm 1.4D; GPS pickup; SB-900 flash; and other odd items. When I work heavy my newswear Chestvest is a great solution. Not only does it carry all the above gear but it serves as a resting place for the D700 when it's not in the firing position. As you can see in this photo the camera lens (24-70) is behind the shoulder strap and the body is resting on the top of the vest. Believe it or not the camera is very safe in this position. The camera can ride this way with the 70-200 lens as well but not with the 50mm as it's not long enough to slide behind the strap and lock into place. But this is ok because 99% of the time at events I'm using the 24-70 and/or the 70-200. I can ride the Segway, walk, ride a scooter or even drive the car with the camera held in this way. Sometimes if I lean forward it will come out and this is why the camera strap is around my neck just in case. But, in general, this solution gives me fast access to the camera and the other gear and allows me to carry everything for hours without back and shoulder pain.

Newswear Mens Digital Chestvest, Digital SLR Camera & Lens Carry System, Black. $114.95

PS: If you look close you will notice the modified camera strap. The strap can easily be removed when not needed such as when I'm using my Spider Holster or working in the studio. In the photo it's used only as backup if the camera slips out or I drop it during shooting which to date has not happened but I like having it there just in case :)

PS2: Sometimes at events I use two DSLR camera bodies and when I do the second body is usually carried in my Spider Holster and often it's the body with the heavy 70-200 VRII lens as the Spider Holster handles the weight with ease.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Ski-A-Rees Team Work - Photo Blog

Team work is important in new media as well as world-class water skiing.

Ski-A-Rees Sarasota, Florida - Photo Blog

Here is a good example of the co-branding of rich content.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Prevost Motorcoach HDR - Photo Blog

I took this photo with my iPhone and then edited it in the iPhone using the Best Camera and Photoshop iPhone apps. I then uploaded the modified photo to flickr direct from the iPhone on the ATT 3g network. Total production time 2 minutes.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Mobile Office edited by Best Camera - Photo Blog

This panorama was produced and edited on my iPhone and then uploaded to flickr and then posted to my Blog direct from flickr! The photo was edited using the iPhone Photoshop app and Best Camera apps.