Monday, August 25, 2008

1995 Harley FLHTCU for sale! - Photo Blog

IMG_0579, originally uploaded by Network.

1995 Harley-Davidson FLHTC Ultra Classic Peace Officer Special Edition. Loaded with accessories (chrome rotor and calliper covers, lighted chrome lower fork covers, fairing chrome trim, saddlebag glow lights, tourpak enhancements, rider seat back, chrome luggage rack, chrome passenger leg-guards and more; plus all of the delivered Ultra-Classic "extras" including a.m./f.m. radios plus tape player & c.d. radio with mic and mic rack, electronic cruise control, voice-activated intercom); motorcycle is in excellent condition, great (blue and blue) paint finish, never damaged anywhere. $5495. As is. Recently completely serviced with addition of new tires, new battery, wheel-bearing & cable lubes, etc. Needs a rebuilt engine (aluminum cases unable to hold head bolts at torque).

However, we can delliver this rare "Shrine" Ultra Classic with a rebuilt Harley engine (as-new with zero mileage) installed and tuned by a Certified Harley Mechanic for $8495. Be the first caller on this one! Call the original owner direct Harley is SOLD!

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