Wednesday, April 29, 2009

iPhone 3g Homescreen Apps

iPhone 3g Going Strong!

I'm often asked what makes the iPhone so special? Why pay more for a phone AND switch to AT&T in the process? Why use an Apple computer with your iPhone? Why, why, why??

Let me try to answer. There are three primary reasons for the iPhone's success:

1) It's beautiful and things look beautiful on it: (e. g. photos, movies, e-mail, Internet, applications)

2) It works well. The user interface is simple, intuitive and fast.

3) It's so popular that developers from all over the world are coming up with applications that do almost everything your desktop computer will do and sometimes even more.

In addition, in typical Apple fashion each version of the iPhone (version 3 is due in June) gets better. Lastly, even though the iPhone will work with a Windows computer syncing with a powerful Mac really lets this mini computer shine and live up to its full potential.

As a special bonus I'm going to list some of the iPhone apps I use on a daily basis. This is just screen one of my applications and I have five screens of apps!

1) GMail - This takes me directly to my GMail inbox and works great with even a slow Internet connection (some areas are still 2g speeds)

2) Google - This takes me to all the Google web-based apps: Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Talk, Tasks, Reader, Goog-411, News.

3) Colorsplash - This allows me to edit photos and make portions color while leaving the rest black and white. This is a great way to make a person stand out from the background. (sample)

4) Camera - For taking photos and hopefully in the next iPhone videos.

5) Photogene - For cropping and color tuning photos.

6) Darkslide - For viewing flickr photos and uploading photos to flickr or twitter.

7) Evernote - For remembering anything: text, audio, photos. Also syncs with my Mac.

8) Weather - Check the weather for various locations.

9) Notes - Another note application.

10) Tweetie - Allows the management of multiple twitter accounts.

11) Flashlight - Light when and where you need it.

12) Photos - Access photos you sync from your computer or those you take with the iPhone.

13) 12seconds - Post 12 second recordings to your account. (uses three photos and audio you record to put together something that almost looks like a video)

14) Clock - Time in multiple time zones, alarms, stopwatch, countdown timer.

15) - Listen to twit programming.

16) Stocks - Follow the stock market.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Canon SD 970is Camera Review

Below is my unboxing video that was shot with my Canon SD 950is. Below that is a video shot in HD with the new Canon SD 970is. You can go to viddler and download the original HD video here.

Note: This camera is made in Japan. Also, you will notice in the above video it does not like to focus in the video mode on objects closer than 2 feet. However, if you use the macro mode it will focus on close objects. You will need to shot the close up as a single clip at a fixed distance because once the focus is locked in it will not adjust if you then move further away or closer to the object.

Here'a another video taken with the 970is:

Sunday, April 05, 2009

iJustineCoolBlue - Photo Blog

iJustineCoolBlue, originally uploaded by Network.

I just bought the software bundle $900+ in software for about $39. I used the software to work on the photo here!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

iJustine Making Good Things Happen!


iJustine is in the news and here's a pull-quote:

"The internet has changed people's habits. It has made it easy to find information on just about anything in which a person has an interest. However, if the information doesn't exist, it can't be found. It is still truly amazing how many businesses don't have even the most basic information in places where people can find it when they search. And they will search. People have always searched. That's why we had the Yellow Pages."

Click Here for the full story!

Giottos MM8660 Monopod unboxing

A look at the carbon fiber Giottos MM8660 Monopod. A great tool for keeping your videos stable.

Sanyo VPC-CG10BK HD Digital Video and 10MP Photos

Sanyo is getting in on the affordable HD camera game with their VPC-CG10BK HD Digital Video and 10MP Photos compact camera. It's due out May 1st.

Click Here for more info!

The video below was produced, shot, edited and performed by iJustine and she used s Sanyo HD camera!