Tuesday, September 24, 2013

iPhone 5s in GOLD - The Best Phone EVER!!!

Everyone wants a gold iPhone 5s because it's BEAUTIFUL! It's not tacky, it's not boastful, it's not a Miami Vice throwback thing.  People want the gold iPhone 5s because it's the best smart phone ever made and it's A WORK OF ART!! No andriod phone comes close!!!

In addition to movie star looks this hot new iPhone may have solved the biggest modern-day problem in technology: Identity. If Apple can establish rock solid identity this coupled with their huge database of user credit card data could result in huge e-commerce and security advances. Andriod will not know what hit them!

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Followup note Sep 24, 2013 - My estimate is Apple would have sold 100 million of the new iPhones the first weekend if every retail outlet world-wide had enough in stock to meet all demand. That's AMAZING! No other phone or any consumer product has ever been this good and this far ahead of the competition. The actual number sold was 9 million which itself is a huge number that andriod phones can only dream of!

 iPhone 5s unboxing - first look:

Friday, July 12, 2013

Using Stills and the Ken Burns effect to make one camera look like a multi-camera shoot.

In the video below I used the built-in mic array on my Sony NEX-VG10, mixed in stills with the Ken Burns effect, and ended up with some decent event coverage on a budget. All clips were shot hand-held. This allowed me to move the camera to various locations to make it appear that multiple cameras were used. Camera movement was hidden by using the stills.

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Moonshot Thinking

National Health Care

1) Give all doctors and nurses full immunity from law suits.
2) Suspend all income taxes for doctors and nurses.
3) Get rid of all health insurance.
4) Doctors and nurses will be rated for quality on various websites.
5) All health care will be cash and carry.
6) Those who can not pay and have no assets will turn to a national fund that will only disperse money direct to doctors or hospitals.
7) Doctors will not need to fill out forms or deal with insurance companies in any way.

This system will encourage more students to become doctors. With more doctors there will be more supply of services and therefore competition and lower prices. Also, if people are paying out of pocket there will be less unnecessary care.

This plan should be able to be implemented in a short time frame and costs for care would drop fast!

The cost to the tax payer would be low and limited to the national fund that is used only for those who can not pay. Those who use the national fund may be required to pay the fund back if able at a later date.

Think about the results if this plan was put in place: 1) More Doctors and therefore more supply of health care; 2) With more supply costs come down; 3) Fewer costs of operation for the doctors and therefore lower costs overall.

Yes, the Lawyers and insurance companies are out of luck and can no longer feed on health care but this means 100% of our health care dollars can actually go to care and not unneeded overhead.

Below is audio from my call into WFMD's Frederick's Forum:



Monday, February 04, 2013

The Farmer

This commercial aired during the 2013 Superbowl. Although Mr. Paul Harvey is talking about farmers the theme is the work ethic that made this country great. There was a time when work came first and the entire family worked together.