Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Old Media Troubles

According to AdvertisingAge the old media is continuing to decline.

On The Way Out

Broadcast TV, magazines, newspapers, radio and outdoor were the categories buyers were most pessimistic about. A higher percentage of respondents said they expect to decrease their budgets in those media in the next six months than said they would increase them. Pessimism in broadcast TV and newspapers was particularly bad: 30% of respondents said they expect spending in broadcast to decrease in the next six months, and only 14% said they expect it to increase. For national newspapers, 44% of respondents said they expect to see a decline in spending, and only 10% said they expected a rise.

Bright spots
The news isn't so bad for sellers in online, cable TV and mobile, however. Those were the only three media categories in which a higher percentage of buyers said they expect to raise budgets rather than decrease them. In online, 72% of respondents anticipate jumps in their company's spending; 4% said they were expecting a decrease. For cable, 28% said they expect an uptick in spending and 20% expect a drop; for mobile, 53% said they expect an increase and 9% expect a decrease.

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