Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New MacBook

Cisco Cheng

It's been more than two years since Apple has made any significant changes to the 13-inch MacBook Laptop. Two years of stagnation can hurt even a proven recipe, especially one that has been honed in design alone. Compared to its Windows counterparts, the MacBook's features were beginning to look anemic and the economic downturn has raised questions about Apple's pricing strategy. The MacBook 13-inch (Aluminum) couldn't come at a more crucial time for Apple. It uses a completely new manufacturing technique that begins with a thick slab of aluminum and ends with a lusciously thin and gorgeous product. Design alone could undoubtedly attract Mac fanatics and would-be Windows converts. However, features are still a little weak and the price, well, it's not the $800 MacBook that we were all hoping for.

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Craig's comments: After reading Mr. Cheng's article and several other reviews I would choose either the entry level aluminum MacBook or the entry level MacBook Pro. The MacBook is $1,299 and the Pro would run $1,999 (Special Note: As far as I can tell at this time only the 15" Pro model has the new design not the 17"). If you're really going to use the device as a mobile computer and not a desktop replacement I would go for the MacBook if this is going to be your only computer and you're a power user get the Pro. Also, if you need an express slot for your cellular modem or a firewire 800 port you will need to get the 15" Pro model as these are NOT included on the MacBook. Firewire 400 is gone on all these new models (why Apple???)

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