Wednesday, June 18, 2008

YouTube - Best Quality

YouTube Tips

YouTube Upload Guidelines - For those who want the best possible results on YouTube.

General Purpose Settings - up to 6 minutes

A simple way to ensure that the quality is there is to export to MPEG-4 with:

  • H.264 video at 2000Kbits/sec (2Mbits/sec or 250KBytes/sec)
  • 320x240 video size (deinterlaced or simply use one field)
  • Mono audio with AAC at 64 Kbit/sec (or 128 Kbit/sec for stereo)
  • Recommended Sample Rate and
  • Best Encoding Quality.
  • In the Video Options Main Profile should be checked on and Best Quality (Multi-pass) is advised for best quality.

These settings will be fine up to 800 Mbits aka 100 MBytes. At the proposed settings, any file shorter than 6 minutes and 15 seconds will be within YouTube's 100MB per upload limit.

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