Sunday, September 21, 2008

Chris Pirillo - GEEK KING

If you need to know why Chris Pirilo is the King of the Geeks see the following from YouTube:

Name: Chris
Age: 35

Chris Pirillo has been participating in Internet conversations since 1992, having launched as a content publishing network and building Gnomedex to be one of the blogosphere's highly regarded conferences. He publishes a personal blog and lifecast to tens of thousands of viewers, and is a top subscribed partner on YouTube. When searching Google for "Chris," his site is listed as the first result. Chris also produces weekly video segments for Live, where he offers tech advice to a savvy audience.

Geek, Internet Entrepreneur, Hardware Addict, Software Junkie, Book Author, Once TV Show Host, Technology Enthusiast, Shameless Self-Promoter, Tech Conference Coordinator, Early Adopter, Idea Evangelist, Tech Support Blogger, Bootstrapper, Media Personality, Technology Consultant, Thicker Quicker Picker Upper.

Having recorded over 1,000 videos in the past year, we once cracked the "Top 100" most subscribed throughout the whole of YouTube. Our live stats are even more impressive: over 5 million unique live video viewers watched Chris do his "thing" in 2007 - a total of 2+ million LIVE viewer hours with an average viewing time of 25 minutes per visitor. In August, stats from the live video feed were recorded at 279,878 Viewer Hours, 1,141,472 Viewers, 827,159 Unique Viewers, 395.5 Average Viewers, 707 Hours of live broadcasting.

In the first seven days of launching his most recent Web community, the logs recorded 587,402 pageviews, at 11 pages per visit, 40% bounce rate, ~10m sessions, and 50% return visitors with 3,000+ registrations. It's in his blood to build experiences with communities. He's a monthly columnist for CPU Magazine, and has authored books on business and personal technology.

City: Seattle, WA
Hometown: Des Moines, IA
Country: United States
Occupation: Geek
Schools: University of Northern Iowa
Interests and Hobbies: Tech
Movies and Shows: TRON
Music: Techno
Books: Techie

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